Thursday, 22 February 2007

A Far Cry from the $5 Counter Meal

When I was younger to accompany your beer you got a fatty chop, some fries and something resembling a vegetable for the princely sum of $5. I of course never had the pleasure of ordering this but on the odd beach holiday it did cross my parents' minds to stop for a pub lunch.

These days it seems both the quality and price of pub grub has increased exponentially. A case in point is the Railway Hotel in South Melbourne. It is one of the more reasonable Gastropub destinations. The Butchers Plate which contained the usual selection of sausages and cured meats along with some duck and kangaroo products and a lovely pate for around $15 was a nice starter to share. I struggled to pick the kangaroo and I would have preferred a crusty baguette rather than Turkish bread with my pate but it was pleasant nevertheless.

The selection of terracotta pots are a bargain light meal. Again accompanied with the Turkish bread these little dishes are filled with either a pork and clam braise, chorizo in red wine or a vegetarian chickpea option. The pork and clam and the chorizo went down well at our table, as did the risotto.

It certainly didn't hurt that we were the lucky Trivia winners for the night. There's always a good chance you'll make a return visit when you know your next meal will be on the house.

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Andrew said...

I totally agree. I think the Railway, South Melbourne offers exceptional quality food at reasonable prices. The beer garden is an oasis in the inner city and the classic 1930's bar is a call back to the six o'clock swill days - it's great to sit there and think about what the place would have been like way back then.

Enjoy the Railway in South Melbourne - it is a local treasure which are becomming harder and harder to find.