Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Danny and Joe

"This chintzy local hangout looks like a retired Neighbours set, but Danny and Joe's Israeli soul food has won the devotion of the surrounding Jewish community."~The Age Cheap Eats 2004

Admittedly this isn't an area renowned for it's dining spots. However if you're in this part of town and want a change from Las Chicas, head further up Balaclava to Hawthorn Road. Danny and Joe at 154 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield has the potential to be overpriced and mediocre if you order incorrectly and a brilliant bargain spot if you choose well.

The chicken shashlik pita is the must order item and a great way to sample the menu. Soft pockets stuffed with an array of the salads and dips on offer. Each mouthful offers a new delightful surprise. What really makes this dish is the shashlik- delicately spiced skewers of smoky chicken. The other benefit of ordering the pitas as opposed to the unexceptional mains is that you leave room for dessert. Cheese blintzes, crepes or something from the many cake stands adorning the counter.

My understanding of Israeli food is limited but there's no shortage of local regulars which makes me think this place is the real deal.

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