Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Last weekend I ventured into a part of town in which I don't usually dine but I think that's about to change. Wildflower in Canterbury is a bit of a gem and excellent value in an area where proscuitto costs $28 per 100grams. $280 per kilogram is too much even for this meat lover.

At Wildflower mains generally go for $30 but at lunch it's possible to get two courses for $27.50 or three courses for $32.50 so there is plenty of value to be had here.

We were there for a birthday but I'm told the function menu reflects what's on offer to the regular diners so the below should give you an idea as to their offerings.

The favourite from the entrees was the soft shell crab, avocado and herb salad. Crispy, salty chunks of crab atop a zesty herb salad drizzled with a creamy avocado puree.

For mains I chose the lamb rump with green lentils, red wine sauce and poached quince which came with an unexpected but not unwelcome serve of mashed potato. Perfect for absorbing the winey juices.

The slow cooked pork with mash and caramelized pear featured at the top of this post was also on offer along with several other options. The trend in mains seemed to be conventional food executed well. Probably well suited to the demographic.

The winning streak continued with the desserts including the chocolate honeycomb parfait...

The chocolate tart with coconut ice cream was rich with dark chocolate and light on the coconut- just what I like.

The clear winner though was the kaffir lime pannacotta and pineapple granita. The kaffir lime flavour penetrated through the pannacotta incredibly well yet there wasn't even a sliver of kaffir lime leaves to be found. The granita was a lovely fresh pairing and the perfect end to a rich meal. Unfortunately I didn't order it but was kindly offered a taste. A real case of order envy.

Although I didn't take a photo they also prepared the most luscious citron and yoghurt cake I have tasted. I almost wished it was back in the day when you went home with extra pieces of cake wrapped up at the end of birthday parties.

1 Theatre Pl
Ph:(03) 9888 6662,
Tues Sat noon-2.3Opm, 6.30-9.3Opm; Sun 9am


cenmrk said...

Wildflower has been one of the family favourite! We hv not been disappointed in every meals we have had there. Wished the portion is a tiny bit large (ok i'm a glutton)!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Look at those desserts! I'm hypnotized!

Truffle said...

Cenmrk- glad to hear you've had such good experiences there :)

Patricia- they certainly were delicious!

Haalo said...

I love the way they do desserts here and that Kaffir Lime Pannacotta is just too good. Did you take a walk up the road to the new cheese place?

Truffle said...

Haalo- I was incredibly impressed by their food but especially the desserts. Can't wait for the repeat visit. I did have a quick browse in the cheese place but left without any purchases which was torture. Thanks for reading :)