Monday, 14 May 2007

Satay Anika

Where do you take a woman who would sneak chillis into a French restaurant if she thought she could get away with it? For a woman who doesn't think a meal is quite right unless there's a hefty dose of heat involved a steaming bowl of laksa sounded like just the thing.

The first choice of Laksa King in Flemington was scratched off the list as they’re closed on Sunday. Luckily Satay Anika, although usually not trading on that day, had decided to open up due to a large booking which meant the rest of us with Malaysian cravings could also indulge.

The décor of this place reminds me of a 1980s Chinese restaurant in some rural Australian town. It seems their efforts are being invested in the kitchen instead which is fine by me. On offer are inexpensive hawker-style dishes. We avoid the satay which is its namesake which along with spring rolls I have quite an aversion to and focus on the mains. The laksa ($11.20), sambal noodles ($8.80) and an obligatory mee goreng ($8.20) all arrive with ten minutes despite the waitress’ concerns there might be a wait as the kitchen wasn’t fully staffed.

The laksa (at the top of the post) isn’t the best I’ve had but is a great deal better than many I’ve encountered. The generous serving of seafood, beancurd and two types of noodles in a well spiced coconut broth reminds me that I really must attempt this dish at home soon. The sambal noodles (above) has a wonderful smokiness but is disappointing if you’re expecting a strong sambal hit. The mee goreng is topped with pieces of meltingly tender beef and the chilli lover quickly douses her serve with some extra fresh ones. The attentive waitress quickly replenishes her supply. Looks like we came to the right place.

Satay Anika Malaysian Restaurant
140 Lygon Street
Brunswick East
Ph: 9380 9702
Lunch: Tues-Fri 12 noon-2.30pm
Dinner: Tues-Thur & Sun 6-1


jenjen said...

I can totally relate to this, sometimes you just need that little kick in your dish. This looks yum!

Little Foodie said...

Laksa - mmmmmm! Need say no more.
Where will you be visiting when you come over. let me know and I can recommend some good places to stay / eat. Amanda

Truffle said...

Thanks jenjen and thanks for reading!

Little foodie- I love laksa too, I just wish it was a little more waistline friendly. Thanks very much for the offer :)