Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Heart Foundation Approved

Even Mc D's can get a heart foundation tick these days and being the competitive type I can't help but feel that surely I can do better than that. Just in case you were starting to worry that I was all egg yolks, butter and cream let me prove you wrong.

Every recipe writer, restauranteur and celebrity chef seems to be having a love affair with figs at the moment. As a child we had a treeful but a ripe one never made it to my greedy little mouth due to an ongoing battle with the native birds that were always one step ahead of me. Accordingly I find it a little difficult having to fork out for these babies nowadays. Who needs a swimming pool? I want my next house to have a fig tree. No birds thanks.

Fresh figs with balsamic syrup and greek yogurt

2 figs
2 tbsp greek yoghurt
slivered almonds

Balsamic syrup
3 tbs balsamic vinegar
3 tbsp water
3 heaped tsp brown sugar

In a shallow pan heat the vinegar. Keep well away, this mixture lets off some lethal fumes. After 1 minute add the water and sugar. Allow to bubble and thicken until you reach a runny caramel consistency. Allow to cool.

To serve plate figs with a dollop of yoghurt and almonds slivers. Spoon over cooled syrup.


Brilynn said...

I looove greek yogurt! It's not the same in Canada as in Australia, yours is way better.

And the semifreddo is calling my name!

Anonymous said...

From another fig aficianado....

Hot fruit salad:
- combine 1 sliced fig, half a white peach sliced, honey and a bit of water
- microwave for around 1 minute
- stir in 1 tsp of rosewater (BEST INGREDIENT EVER)
- top with greek yoghurt
- change into PJs, curl up on couch and eat this salad whilst watching taped episodes of Scrubs and Boston Legal

Sexy Fig Salad:
- sliced figs (some caramelised)
- fancy-pants lettuce mix
- prosciutto (some of it fried and crumbled)
- ricotta or other soft cheese
- basil
- dressing made with balsamic, honey, pepper and some salt

i hope you like :) love Angie.

Anonymous said...

Other posh things to do with figs:

Hot fruit salad:
- combine 1 sliced fig & 1/2 sliced white peach with honey and some water
- microwave for 1 minute
- stir through 1 tsp of rosewater (bestest ingredient ever)
- top with greek yogurt
- change into pajamas, curl up on couch, and eat this whilst watching taped episodes of scrubs and boston legal

Sexy-licious Fig Salad:
- sliced figs (half of it pan-fried until caramelised)
- fancy-pants lettuce mix
- prosciutto (some of it grilled/fried until crisp)
- ricotta or other soft cheese
- basil
- walnuts
- dressing made of balsamic, honey, pepper, olive oil and a bit of salt

hope you like. xx Angie

mellie said...

Oooh yum. All it needs is a sprinkling of nuts, and I'd be a happy girl :-)

Truffle said...

Brilynn- you'll just have to come visit for the yoghurt! The semifreddo is shockingly easy and delicious. Thanks for posting.

Angie- brilliant recipes! I love the fig proscuitto combination. Sounds heavenly.

Thanks for stopping by Mellie. I agree a bit of crunch is a must! :)

wheresmymind said...

I'd ponder poaching those figs somehow ;)

Anonymous said...


Freya and Paul said...

This is definitely the best way to serve figs! Looks delicious!

Truffle said...

Thanks for the suggestion wheresmymind :)

Thanks Anon. I'm sorry the fig season is nearing its end.

Thanks so much Freya and Paul. I love the combination, particularly with the balsamic syrup.