Saturday, 17 March 2007

The New Face of Yum Cha

Perhaps I've been sheltered. I'm accustomed to the standard sticky rice parcels, pork spareribs and fried squid but it appears the face of the yum cha trolley has changed. No longer is the humble prawn dumpling simply a crescent shaped delight but rather an art form!

I am ready to admit that yum cha is highly subjective. I am inclined towards the seafood and the steamed while His Highness has a penchant for pork. His Highness has always been partial to the Shark Fin Inn while I'm a firm supporter of the Ocean King, a relatively undiscovered treasure. Nevertheless I was pleased to discover I no longer need to trek across town for some quality trolley action.

Ripples Seafood & BBQ Restaurant at 40 Glenferrie Road Malvern is yum cha with a twist. Like Matt Preston I did find the staff rather surly but anyone who can make a squid out of a dumpling wrapper surely gets a few brownie points.

The dishes are a good balance of old school standards like chicken feet and some clever little innovations such as goldfish shaped taro puddings. Presentation is clearly a priority here but there is no lack of substance either. The crabmeat dumpling laced with sharks fin and roe is gloriously pleasing and the pork spareribs are meaty little morsels. The prices are reasonable, the variety excellent and the food is constantly flowing. A pretty good find no matter what your yum cha preferences.


Anonymous said...

★Truffle Best wishes for you? … :)!

Truffle said...

Thanks Anon :)

mutemonkey said...

Hi Truffle, we're planning the next Yum Cha Posse lunch at Ripples - I'd received recommendations, but it was your photos of googly-eyed dumplings that clinched it... :-)

IronEaters said...

ooo..tts very cute with squids n fishes shaped dimsums! sounds good..must put that down on my list =)

Truffle said...

Mutemonkey- thanks so much! I hope you enjoy

Ironeaters- They're almost too cute to eat... almost!

Lawson said...

It's really a nice place. Pathmark is another my favorite store for seafood.