Friday, 27 April 2007

Pho Good

Please don't think poorly of me but I can't help but feel smug as I tuck into my bowl of pho while watching people queue out the door. While there's certainly no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants in Springvale I can't help but think I'm onto a good thing when I see how long people are waiting for a table.

Another great thing about this place is while they do a wide range of the usual rice paper rolls, spring rolls, vermicelli, broken rice and pho offerings, they also do a decent selection from other Asian cuisines. A really blessing if you're dining with the pho-phobic. The char kway teo ($9.50) is as good as you'd find in most Malaysian restaurants. Smoky rice noodles with plenty of seafood.

The chef's special seafood laksa ($10) was a perfectly acceptable version but I'm guessing there was no one in the kitchen pounding away at lemon grass, galangal and shrimp paste. This was definitely a supermarket paste version.

What they really do well, unsurprisingly, is Vietnamese fare. The prawn and pork rice paper rolls ($7.50 for 4) are plump and fresh. An order of sliced beef pho ($7) arrives with meltingly tender rare slices of beef that continue to cook through in the aromatic broth. With a generous serve of rice noodles to slurp up it's hard to pass this dish by. They also have a wide variety of other pho and noodle dishes and the broken rice with pork seems to be a real hit with the regulars.

Thanh Dat
Cnr Buckingham & Windsor Avenues, Springvale (directly behind Springvale Rd)
9am-9pm Sun-Thu, to 9.30pm Fri-Sat
Mains $7-$22
Phone: (03) 9540 8389


thanh7580 said...

I have to comment since I lived in Springvale for about 20 years and still live in the neighbouring suburb. I have eaten at all the restaurants numerous times over.

Thanh Dat has very bad service and the food isn't that great. It attracts mainly Aussies and visitors from other suburbs since its large and clean. Many friends and I have had terrible dining experiences there and only go there if other places we want to go are full.

You can find much better food at Hoa Tran, which is bascially along Buckingham Avenue where the car park is. The service there is exceptional, never gotten any of my orders wrong yet out of about 40 times I've been there. The food is fast, better and cheaper. The smoothies kick butt over Thanh Dat's any day of the week.

Anh said...

I think the pho version at Thanh Dat isn't too bad. But I dun like their other offering. I guess because I can cook 'real' Vietnamese food at home? :)

Truffle said...

Thanh- Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely give Hoa Tran a try.

I've never had problems with the service at Thanh Dat. There was once this surly male waiter but he seems to have softened over the years. Will report back on Hoa Tran soon.

Anh- If I had your real Vietnamese food at home I don't think I'd ever go out to Vietnamese restaurants again. Your dishes always look wonderful!