Friday, 20 April 2007


By the time I find somewhere I want to eat I am often ravenous. Accordingly I think it best to avoid Ray on weekends. If you're lucky enough to have a weekday off, head over and avoid the usual wait for a table.

I like the formula at Ray. It has the distressed look interior, hipster patrons and ethnic influences of its Brunswick St counterparts but, unlike many of them, the food is actually really good. It's also excellent value with most dishes around $10. The ingredients are excellent, the servings are generous and the flavour combinations, while innovative, almost always work really well. I'm saddened by the removal of the pancetta, pesto, baby spinach, boccincini and hummus pide from the menu but am tempted by nearly every item on offer. I settle for the baked eggs with lebanese sausage, feta and napoli. In all honesty I prefer Small Block's baked eggs with chorizo where the yolks are still runny, perfect for mopping up with thickly sliced toast. Ray's winning egg and feta combination is nevertheless certainly appealing. Those preferring more conventional cafe fare will be pleased to know they also do that and rather well. As the pesto, tomato and boccincini pide below shows it doesn't last very long either....Excuse my greedy impatience.

332 Victoria St
Brunswick 3056 VIC
Phone: (03) 9380 8593
Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm
Sat-Sun 8am-5pm


Cindy said...

I really enjoyed my one visit to Ray - wish I could make it there on a quiet weekday morning, but unfortunately it's just a smidgen too far!

Anh said...

I love Ray, especially the coffee. The atmosphere is nice, too.

Truffle said...

Hi Cindy- I wish I could make it there more too. There are so many things I'm yet to try.

I agree Anh and am glad to hear you've had good experiences there.

Anonymous said...

I have spent so much money in Ray the last few months that I have become something of a joke to the staff. I am creature of habbit with a menu and they give me a funny look when I vary my order. Not that I mind, the food is so good.

Truffle said...

Anon- it must be lovely having a dependable place like that. I just wish Ray wasn't on the other side of town for me.

Anonymous said...

Try the museli with stewed fruit, its absolutely delicious!